Residential Developer & Ipswich City Council Reassures Springfield Residents No Worsening of Floods Due to ‘Controversial’ Development

Stockland, a known residential developer has recently made a land purchase, for a development in Springfield that has been deemed “controversial.”

The developer has purchased a 30-hectare site for pre-approved development, the Springview Estate. Stockland paid $21 million for the site including pre-emptive buying rights over an additional 136 hectares. The estate is zoned as residential and has been approved for 406 courses and 10 hectares of conservation land.

However, locals are not thrilled about this development even before when a DA was lodged to the Ipswich City Council in 2015 by landowner Cherish Enterprise. They labeled it as “sardine city” and the removal of the O’Dwyers Gully and water basin puts their homes at risk of flooding.

According to the residents near the area, they were promised the land would never be developed because it is owned by the council. They also said that there wasn’t any community consultation about the planned development. They did concede that they are not recommending that the development be put on-hold; instead, they would like to be given a green buffer and have parklands in between their homes and the new development.

A spokesman for the council said that the developer has assured that there would be no worsening of flood levels and flows in the area.

Stockland plans to start first sales and settlements in 2019.