Springfield Nurse Lisa Warburton Celebrates 15 Years of Compassionate Care

Springfield nurse Lisa Warburton, the Medical Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager at Mater Private Hospital Springfield, has been honoured for 15 years of exceptional service, embodying the compassionate values that define the Mater’s mission.

Ms Warburton’s journey with Mater began at the Brisbane facility, where she forged a reputation for her steadfast commitment to her patients and esteemed nursing team. Her recent transition to Mater Private Hospital Springfield, which opened in 2015, has allowed her to continue her hands-on approach while managing a large and supportive team.

Unwavering Commitment to Patient Care

“The work culture at Mater has really kept me here,” the Springfield nurse expressed. “I have an amazing nursing team, and we are all supportive of each other. Mater’s values and missions really resonate with me – compassionate care is vital for our patients.”

Mater Private Hospital Springfield plays a pivotal role in the region’s healthcare ecosystem, welcoming patients from various local facilities who require rehabilitation or specialized care before returning home. Ms Warburton’s expertise extends to treating infections, administering intravenous antibiotics, and guiding patients through rehabilitation, ensuring their comfort and well-being remain the top priority.

Mater Private Hospital Springfield Medical Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager Lisa Warburton with her adored team. Photo Josh Woning
Photo Credit: Josh Woning/Supplied

Recognizing a Decade of Community Service

Alongside Ms Warburton’s milestone, Camira resident Jocelyn Ball, the Mater Hospital Springfield Stage 2 Project Coordinator, was also honoured for her decade-long contribution to the growth of local healthcare services in Springfield.

“Greater Springfield is a wonderful community – it’s where I live, where I work, where my kids go to school and play for local sporting clubs,” Ms Ball shared. “It’s really special knowing that as this community grows, I’m part of a team that is working hard to grow the future healthcare services and ensure the needs of the community will be met.”

Mater Hospital Springfield Stage 2 Project Coordinator Jocelyn Ball. Josh Woning
Photo Credit: Josh Woning/Supplied

Ms Warburton and Ms Ball were among eight Mater Private Hospital Springfield staff members celebrated at the Long Service Award event held at The Princess Theatre in Woolloongabba on Tuesday, May 28th, recognizing their exceptional contributions to the health and well-being of the Springfield Lakes community.

Landmark Partnership

The Mater Hospital Springfield Stage 2 project, a landmark partnership between Mater and the State Government, represents a significant expansion of the existing private hospital, poised to deliver an additional 174 overnight beds for the Greater Springfield region. For the first time, local families will soon have access to an Emergency Department, an Intensive Care Unit, and maternity and birthing services, ensuring comprehensive healthcare within their community.

Published 29-May-2024

Springfield Launch: Veterinarians Lead World-First Program to Tackle Climate Change

A coalition of veterinarians has made a groundbreaking move by launching the world’s first Climate Care Program in Springfield. The program empowers vet practices in Australia to care for pets while taking tangible action against climate change, reducing their carbon footprint and waste.

The Climate Care Program, the world’s first sustainability initiative designed specifically for veterinary practices, officially launches on the 8th of May 2024 at the Greater Springfield Veterinary Practice on Commercial Drive.

Guiding Practices to Sustainability

The program has demonstrated impressive results at 20 sites nationwide during its pilot phase. 

Melbourne vet Dr Jeremy Watson saved over $6,000 annually by switching off gas and installing solar panels at his Brimbank clinic. He also upgraded to energy-efficient appliances and reduced water usage. Meanwhile, Greater Springfield Veterinary Practice reduced its waste by 37%.

“The Climate Care Program offers a comprehensive digital toolkit and educational course, structured in six modules to help practices become more sustainable,” Springfield’s  Dr Jeannet Kessels said. “This self-paced program was developed by veterinary professionals, researchers, and educators to provide step-by-step support in reducing energy consumption, waste, and water usage. This ensures that even the busiest clinics can maintain their sustainability goals.”

Adopting environmentally friendly practices benefits the environment and recruits staff. Dr Watson has noticed a trend among young professionals, with recent hires citing the clinic’s environmental credentials as a key factor in their decision to join the team. 

The program’s impact has extended beyond Australia, attracting international attention, as highlighted by Vets for Climate Action Chair Dr. Jeannet Kessels, who recently presented the initiative at the World Veterinary Association conference in South Africa.

About Vets for Climate Action

Vets for Climate Action represents a coalition of veterinary professionals and animal lovers advocating for urgent action on climate change. Their goal is to promote sustainability in veterinary care, foster awareness, and advocate for impactful policies that recognize the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health.

Published 7-May-2024

Townhouses with Brookwater Golf Course Access Green-Lit in Springfield

A new $72 million townhouse development has been approved within an exclusive enclave at Springfield, promising luxury living with direct access to the Brookwater golf course.

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The Oakmont development by Azure will comprise 61 luxury townhouses situated along the edge of the 8th hole of the Brookwater golf course designed by Greg Norman. The residences will offer views over the fairways and greens stretching out to the surrounding mountains.

With the aim of cultivating a sense of community living, Oakmont will boast expansive landscaped garden areas, shared amenities and facilities for residents, and a centralised pedestrian pathway linking the different townhomes together.

Photo credit: Azure

Those who will live at Oakmont will have the luxury of utilising an upscale wellness centre featuring a steam room, sauna, magnesium mineral plunge pools, and a fully-equipped fitness centre. Further adding to the resort-like amenities on the 2.36-hectare property is a 20-metre lap pool surrounded by lounge areas and recreational green spaces.

According to Azure Director Trent Keirnan, Oakmont epitomises their philosophy of creating distinguished residences primarily aimed at owner-occupiers and investors seeking a premium residential offering. 

Photo credit: Azure

Mr Keirnan stated that at a minimum, each residence at Oakmont would be a high-quality terrace home offering three bedrooms plus a multipurpose room, further enhanced by the desirable open setting provided by being situated adjacent to a championship golf course.

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Construction is scheduled to commence in early 2025, with completion expected by the third quarter of 2026. The development has already generated significant buyer interest from the market.

The approval for Oakmont promises a new benchmark in luxury townhouse living nestled alongside one of the region’s most prestigious golf courses at Brookwater.

Published 28-March-2024

Uncovering a Hazard: Asbestos Found in Springfield School, Greenbank Dog Park

A recent asbestos contamination issue from NuGrow’s compromised compost in Ipswich, one of Queensland’s major disposal and recycling entities, has unsettled locals who frequent the Everleigh Dog Park in Greenbank and the Spring Mountain State School community in Springfield.

The discovery has prompted immediate responses from local authorities, leading to the closure of Everleigh Dog Park and the isolation of a recently completed construction site at Spring Mountain State School. 

Although the affected area at the school, lying beneath a layer of mulch, is inaccessible to the public or students, the situation has raised significant concerns.

Proactive Measures and Community Safety

In light of these findings, Queensland’s environmental authority and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have embarked on a mission to ensure public safety through rigorous testing and containment strategies. Asbestos detection, even in small amounts, has necessitated a “very precautionary approach,” intending to maintain transparency and protect community health.

The impact on Greenbank and Springfield underscores a broader crisis, as Queensland grapples with the fallout of contaminated compost that has also affected areas in New South Wales. 

With 16 businesses and public spaces potentially exposed to the hazardous material, authorities have halted the movement of NuGrow’s soil products and initiated comprehensive testing across the southeast and beyond.

Reflection: A Call for Vigilance

The situation in Greenbank and Springfield is a wake-up call, urging a reevaluation of environmental safety and waste management standards. As investigations continue, the emphasis remains on minimising risk, reinforcing safety protocols, and ensuring such incidents do not recur, protecting Queensland’s communities and their cherished environments.

Photo Credit: Alpha/Flickr

“A proactive audit program of Queensland companies that manufacture and supply landscaping products has detected a small amount of asbestos in a stockpile of soil at a business, NuGrow in Ipswich,” Workplace Health and Safety Queensland issued in a statement.

“Given the low level of contamination found in the test sample, Queensland Health has advised that there is minimal risk to public health and safety at this time.

“The fact that this product is for use outdoors also reduces the risk to public health and safety.”

Phone 1300 130 372 for concerns and further information. 

Discontinuation of QGSSSA Membership for St Peters Lutheran College Springfield Confirmed

A recent decision by the Queensland Girls’ Secondary Schools Sports Association has altered the landscape for girls participating in sports competitions under the banner of St Peters Lutheran College Springfield.

Despite efforts to reverse the school’s membership to the Queensland Girls’ Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA), St Peters Lutheran College Springfield. will no longer be recognised as a member starting from 2026.

This change will impact the school’s participation in the competition under the broader St Peters banner. 

Tim Kotzur, the Head of College of St Peters Lutheran College, confirmed this decision in an email sent to the St Peters community. Mr Kotzur did not elaborate on the reason for the decision.

St Peters Springfield
Photo Credit: St Peters Springfield

Whilst this brings disappointment, it also heralds a period of reflection and strategic planning for the Springfield campus. 

Administrators, teachers, and students alike are exploring alternatives to ensure that the girls of St Peters Lutheran College Springfield can continue to engage in quality sporting activities beyond 2025. This exploration includes assessing options for participation in other school sports associations or leagues, as well as potentially developing inter-school competitions within the local community.

Amidst this transition, St Peters Lutheran College Springfield remains committed to providing a holistic education that encompasses academic excellence and opportunities for physical development and teamwork through sports. The Leadership Team is diligently working to mitigate disruptions and ensure a seamless transition for students, parents, and coaches involved in the sporting programs.

Published 14-Feb-2024

Springfield’s Centenary Motorway Exit 32 Reopens

In a major development for the Springfield community, the Centenary Motorway’s Exit 32, a crucial junction that had been closed for extensive roadworks, has reopened after six months.

This reopening, on 11 Dec 2023, marks a significant milestone in Springfield’s infrastructure development, aimed at accommodating the area’s booming population and reducing congestion on one of the region’s key motorways.

Months of Closure to Fast-Track Roadworks

The closure of Exit 32, which began on August 21, was part of a strategic decision to expedite the construction work in the Springfield area. This move was intended to improve safety for workers and save months of roadwork for the community. 

The decision was pivotal in allowing uninterrupted work on the upgrade from a single-lane exit to a four-lane configuration​​​​.

Significant Upgrades for Improved Traffic Flow

“Commuters stuck in daily queues down the Centenary Motorway between Ellen Grove and Yamanto have been telling us for a long time that this section needs to be significantly upgraded to support Springfield’s booming population.” Charis Mullen, State Member for Jordan, said.

Ms Mullen also noted the commitment of $6.5 million by the State Government for this major entry point into Springfield to reduce peak hour congestion and improve safety​​.

Centenary Motorway Exit 32
Photo Credit: Charis Mullen MP/Facebook

Mayor Teresa Harding of Ipswich commented on the larger implications of the project, tying it with the council’s current expansion of Springfield Greenbank Arterial to four lanes.

“The expansion of Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial from two lanes to four lanes is council’s biggest-ever roadwork project, and it is vitally necessary we complete it as quickly as possible,” she said. 

The mayor emphasised that closing Exit 32 saved months in construction time and millions in overall project cost, fast-tracking its reopening​​.

Celebrating the Reopening in Time for the Holidays

The timing of the reopening was especially noteworthy, coming just before the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Mayor Harding expressed her gratitude for the community’s patience during the construction period. She also pointed out the convenience the reopening would bring for holiday shopping and activities in the area, including easier access to Orion Springfield Central, Robelle Domain, and Orion Lagoon​​.

With the completion of these upgrades, residents and commuters in Springfield can look forward to a smoother and safer travel experience. The expanded Exit 32 is expected to significantly reduce congestion on the Centenary Motorway and improve ease of access into Springfield.

Published 12-Dec-2023

Springfield’s Ambitious Journey Towards a Health and Knowledge Hub

Maha Sinnathamby, the visionary founder of Springfield City Group, is embarking on an ambitious journey in Springfield, a suburb that’s been steadily transforming since its inception in 1992. Drawing inspiration from the Texas Medical Center, Mr Sinnathamby aims to establish Springfield as a leading knowledge and health precinct.

Over three decades, Mr Sinnathamby and his business partner Bob Sharpless have turned 2,860 hectares of land into a thriving community with more than 53,000 residents across six suburbs. Their relentless pace and innovative thinking have been crucial in Springfield’s evolution.

Central to Springfield’s transformation is the Knowledge Precinct, spanning 120 hectares and focusing on health, education, and innovation. This precinct represents a significant step towards realising Sinnathamby’s vision of enhancing human and social capital. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

“Health, education and IT are the key drivers to make a unique community,” Mr Sinnathamby explained, underscoring his commitment to planning a city of the future. 

The Texas Medical Center, known as the world’s largest medical complex, serves as the blueprint for Mr Sinnathamby’s vision. He plans to emulate its success in Springfield by focusing on life sciences and collaboration in medical research and education.

Springfield boasts an extensive network of transport links, schools, and recreational facilities. The Mater Hospital, set to be the nation’s largest, anchors a 52-hectare health precinct. An 18-hectare education precinct centered around the University of Southern Queensland adds to Springfield’s allure as a hub for learning and innovation.

With a focus on education and family, Springfield offers twelve schools and nineteen kindergartens. The university campus further cements the suburb’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of Australians.

The Springfield master plan, valued at $88 billion, has been 25% complete as of 2020

Mr Sinnathamby’s group is seeking global partners to continue building the city. With $18 billion already invested, a further $70 billion is needed to realise this master plan fully.

As Springfield continues to grow, with a projected population of 145,000, it remains a testament to Mr Sinnathamby’s philosophy of thinking big and innovating. 

Published 6-Dec-2023

6-Month Closure of Exit 32 Set to Transform Springfield Greenbank Arterial

A significant six-month closure of Exit 32 off-ramp, which connects the Centenary Motorway southbound to the Springfield Greenbank Arterial (SGA), will soon be in effect as part of a transformative upgrade project.

Starting 8:00 p.m. on 21 Aug 2023, Exit 32 will not be accessible to all traffic for up to six months. During this period, motorists are advised to follow the designated detour route via the Centenary Motorway Exit 33 off-ramp and to factor in additional travel time when planning their journeys.

The existing two-lane off-ramp is being expanded into a four-lane configuration, accompanied by the conversion of the current roundabout into a major intersection. These changes are expected to streamline traffic flow and enhance connectivity for motorists.

Exit 32 Springfield Greenbank Arterial
Photo Credit: Department Of Transport & Main Roads

This decision, aimed at expediting construction, improving safety, and reducing disturbances during the process, marks a crucial phase in the ongoing development of the region’s transportation infrastructure. Whilst the closure may bring inconveniences, the long-term benefits of an upgraded off-ramp and intersection are anticipated to outweigh the temporary challenges. 

Local residents and businesses in the vicinity of the construction zone are advised to expect increased noise and dust levels as a result of the ongoing works. Despite these effects, the Ipswich City Council remains committed to the project’s positive impact on the local transportation network and the overall community.

The Ipswich community is encouraged to stay updated on the project’s developments, adhere to traffic control measures, and observe guidance provided by signage and traffic controllers for a smooth and safe commute.

Managed by the Ipswich City Council in partnership with Transport and Main Roads Queensland, the project has received $6.5 million in funding from the Queensland Government. 

Jordan MP Charis Mullen expressed her satisfaction with the advancement of the project. The transformed intersection is poised to provide more efficient access for drivers traveling in various directions along the SGA, and will facilitate safer crossings to Main Street and the Orion shopping center.

For further information and inquiries regarding the construction project, concerned individuals can contact the Ipswich City Council Project Team via email at capitalprojects@ipswich.qld.gov.au or by phone at 07 3810 6666, available from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. 

Published 16-Aug-2023

Brighton Homes Arena in Springfield More Practical for Brisbane Lions Amidst Gabba Renovation Plans

Amidst plans to renovate the Gabba Stadium for the 2032 Olympics, utilising the existing Brighton Homes Arena in Springfield, instead of revamping the RNA showgrounds, could be the most practical option for the Brisbane Lions.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding offered this cost-effective alternative for the temporary relocation of the Brisbane Lions during the Gabba’s reconstruction phase. 

In a passionate statement, Mayor Harding highlighted the benefits of utilising the $80-million Brighton Homes Arena, which is already the home ground for the Brisbane Lions AFLW team and was designed with expansion in mind. 

Ms Harding pointed out that the cost of expanding the existing stadium would be approximately half of what it would take to renovate the RNA showgrounds, in response to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner’s plea to transform the RNA showgrounds into a temporary home for local teams, including the Brisbane Lions and the Brisbane Heat, during the Gabba’s redevelopment.

“Brighton Homes Arena is the natural choice to host the Brisbane Lions’ AFL team during the Gabba reconstruction for the Games,” the mayor said

“Ipswich is already home to the best AFL venue in Queensland right now.

“With Brighton Homes Arena, Springfield Central, Ipswich already the home ground of the Brisbane Lions’ AFLW team, upgrading the purpose-built AFL stadium to accommodate the men’s team would be around half the cost of retrofitting the heritage RNA site. 

“Hosting the Brisbane Lions needs more than just a field, it takes warm up and recovery facilities, state-of-the-art broadcast technology and a high quality, even playing surface. These are already available at Brighton Homes Arena.” 

Ms Harding also highlighted the importance of spreading the benefits of the 2032 Games beyond Brisbane and promoting investment in communities outside the city. 

“Brisbane has 18 of the 37 venues on the 2032 Games masterplan, as well as the International Broadcast Centre, Media Press Centre and the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Village. Ipswich has just one.

“This is a perfect opportunity to start spreading the 2032 Games’ benefits more broadly, and leaving a legacy that can be enjoyed by communities outside of Brisbane.” 

In response to the ongoing discussions, have stated that they are in dialogue with the state government and other stakeholders regarding the Gabba redevelopment and the temporary displacement period. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has assured fans that updates will be provided when a decision is made.

Published 1-Aug-2023

Springfield Gears Up for Six-Month E-Scooter Trial

Did you know that a six-month e-scooter trial will be conducted in Springfield Central, Spring Mountain, and Springfield Lakes through leading e-scooter hire company Beam, in collaboration with Ipswich City Council?

Starting 8 July 2023, residents and locals in those areas will have access to Beam’s latest fleet of top-of-the-range, safety-focused e-scooters, riding them around as a convenient and safe transportation alternative, reducing reliance on private cars and public transport and providing data that would be useful in deciding on a longer term use case for them. 

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To ensure safe usage, e-scooters and personal mobility devices will be permitted on footpaths, shared paths, separated paths, bike paths, and local streets with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less and no dividing line. 

E-Scooter Trial
Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

The introduction of e-scooters aligns with Ipswich City Council’s iGO Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy, which was adopted in 2019. This strategy outlines a roadmap for integrating new technologies, such as e-scooters, into the city’s transport networks. 

E-Scooter Trial
Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

Speed limits for e-scooters are set at 12km/h on footpaths, shared paths, and crossings, and 25km/h on permitted local roads, bike paths, and bike lanes, unless otherwise indicated by signage.

Beam was selected for the trial due to its strong safety record and commitment to prioritising pedestrian safety. The company employs geo-locking technology to restrict e-scooters from entering high pedestrian zones and enforces maximum speed limits.

Deputy Chairperson of the Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee and Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully emphasised the importance of the e-scooter trial, stating that it will allow residents to try out shared e-scooters and provide their thoughts and input on how council might integrate e-scooters into the city’s transport network for the long term.

Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

The six-month trial period, running until December 2023, will provide ample time for residents to experience the benefits of shared e-scooters and offer valuable feedback to the council. 

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Beam, in preparation for the launch, will also host the Beam Safe Academy event, aimed at educating the community about e-scooter safety and gathering their input. This event will take place at the Robelle Domain car park next to the Orion Lagoon on Saturday, 8 July 2023 starting at 9 a.m, providing curious residents with the opportunity to test ride the scooters.

Published 6-July-2023