Springfield Station’s Lack of Bus Stop Angers Councillors & Commuters, TransLink Responds

The hike to get to Springfield Station has gotten locals tired and upset. The lack of a bus stop at the station forces commuters to walk a 300m steep incline from Woodcrest Way. Now, councillors and state election candidates are asking for a solution.

To add to the issue, they also pointed out the lack of car parks at the station. On a daily basis, an estimated 467 commuters board the trains whilst the car park can only accommodate 170 vehicles.

Cr David Morrisson and Cr Morgan were quick to point out the poor planning and how all new rail stations must have a bus stop. This is particularly important since the State Government is pushing for the improvements on public transportation to lessen the vehicles on the roads thus lesser traffic congestion.

Ipswich City Council has responded to this issue citing that the road layout cannot accommodate buses. On the other hand, a spokesman for TransLink said that they will review and assess a possible bus stop on the area.