Massive Road Project Enhances Connectivity in Springfield Central

The expansion of Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial is significantly enhancing the daily commutes of more than 20,000 residents and visitors in Springfield Central, ensuring smoother traffic flow and safer travel. 

This multi-stage initiative prioritises the needs of a rapidly growing population while navigating the challenges of preserving sensitive ecological areas and accommodating the area’s bustling activity.

Completed Stage 1

The $85-million Stage 1 of the project, completed in late 2023, has already delivered significant improvements to the local road network. This phase saw the widening of Springfield Parkway from Hymba Yumba Independent School to Centenary Highway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial from Springfield Parkway to Eden Station Drive, transforming them into four-lane thoroughfares. 

Other key enhancements included:

  • Upgrading the Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial roundabout to a signalised intersection will facilitate pedestrian movements and provide a U-turn facility.
  • Constructing dedicated two-metre cycle lanes in both directions.
  • Installing a three-metre-wide shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • Erecting a retaining wall near the Escarpment estate on Springfield Parkway.
  • Duplicating the bridge over Opossum Creek.

The new lanes on Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial are already managing over 20,000 vehicles per weekday, significantly improving traffic flow and safety for the growing Springfield community.

Stage 2: Design Phase

With Stage 1 complete, the focus shifts to Stage 2, which is currently in the design phase. This stage will encompass the following:

  • Widening Springfield Parkway from Topaz Road to just north of Hymba Yumba Independent School, duplicating it from two to four lanes.
  • Upgrading the roundabout at Springfield Parkway/Topaz Road/Woodcrest Way to a signalised intersection.
  • Widening and line-marking the Springfield College Drive and Bridgewater Road approaches to the roundabout on Springfield Parkway to allow for two lanes of traffic.
  • Constructing dedicated two-metre cycle lanes in both directions.
  • Installing a three-metre-wide shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Early works for Stage 2 commenced in December 2023 with a 3.6m trench extension beside Hymba Yumba Independent School. Constructing effective stormwater drainage networks whilst maintaining the current system during Queensland’s storm season has been a significant challenge. 

The project team is committed to ensuring the highest-quality innovative network is constructed across the project and adjacent to the school whilst preserving sensitive ecological areas.

Once the culvert works are complete, Stage 2 will commence in 2024-2025, including the duplication of Springfield Parkway from Topaz Road, connecting to Stage 1 just past the Bridgewater Road roundabout.

Stage 3: Under Construction

Stage 3 of the project is already underway, focusing on the following:

  • Widening Springfield Greenbank Arterial from Eden Station Drive to Sinnathamby Boulevard to include a total of four lanes.
  • Upgrading the roundabout at Springfield Greenbank Arterial/Main Street/Centenary Highway Exit 32 off-ramp to a signalised intersection.
  • Creating new entry and exit points at the existing Springfield Central train station carpark.
  • Constructing dedicated two-metre cycle lanes in both directions.
  • Installing shared pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Significant rainfall and storm activity over the past few months have impacted vegetation and landscaping along Stage 3, including the flooding of Mountain Creek. The team is working to restore damaged plants and maintain weeding and mowing within the construction corridor. Despite the weather challenges, crews have progressed with electrical work, stormwater drainage networks, and new Park’n’Ride entry pavements.

Sustainability has been a key focus for the team, utilising existing materials and implementing innovative environmental controls. Core logs were used in the bottom of the rock barrier to minimise silt washing onto the pavement and into drainage and waterways, a key environmental management feature across Stage 3.

Springfield Central
Photos Credit: IpswichCityCouncil

Constructing in a busy activity centre with major shopping, business, education, and public transport facilities has presented numerous challenges, especially considering the high volume of people passing through Stage 3 daily.

In parallel with Stage 3, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has commenced works to reconfigure and reopen the Queensland Rail carpark east of Springfield Central station. The carpark, located at the southern end of the Brisbane Lions facility, will remain closed during construction activities. Weather and construction conditions permitting, work is expected to be complete by mid-2024.

The works required to reopen the carpark include installing new asphalt, concreting edging, new lighting, and line marking. TMR has engaged BMD Construction, the same contractor undertaking Stage 3, for this project. When reopened, the eastern carpark will complement the existing parking facilities within the Springfield Central train station precinct, including the multi-storey park ‘n’ ride facility opened in April 2022.

Published 7-May-2024

E-scooter Trial Extended in Springfield Central

The Beam e-scooter trial scheme, currently underway in Springfield Central and the surrounding areas, is set to continue its operations for another six months. 

The extension of the pilot program, aimed at gathering additional data to assess the long-term feasibility of micro-mobility services, will run until July 2024. This trial period is poised to offer valuable insights into whether e-scooters could become a permanent and advantageous mode of transportation for residents and visitors alike.

Beam has been entrusted to operate up to 125 e-scooters within Springfield Central, Springfield Lakes, and Spring Mountain throughout the trial’s duration.

e-scooter trial springfield
Photo Credit: Shape Your Ipswich

Growth, Infrastructure, and Waste Committee Chair, Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding has reported that e-scooters have been met with enthusiasm by Springfield Central residents during the initial six-month trial period, which commenced on 1 July 2023.

“More than 3,000 users have embraced e-scooters during the trial’s course, showcasing the rapid adoption of this eco-friendly mode of transport,” Mayor Harding stated

“Collectively, scooter users have covered a distance of 30,000 kilometres so far this year, highlighting the potential impact of micro-mobility in facilitating suburban transportation, especially for ‘last mile’ connectivity to and from public transport hubs, workplaces, and educational institutions.”

Ipswich residents have collectively spent over 3,000 hours on e-scooters since its launch. Andrew Dodd, Beam’s Regional Operations Manager, expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Ipswich trial and emphasised the continued collection of data over the upcoming months.

“The data gathered thus far underscores the enormous potential of shared micro-mobility in connecting Ipswich residents and visitors while reducing the need for car trips,” Mr Dodd said. 

“We have maintained regular communication with the council to address community concerns and implement changes that benefit both users and residents. We are delighted to see the trial extended for an additional six months and look forward to further collaboration with Ipswich City Council and the Springfield Central community in advancing micro-mobility.”

Residents can share their feedback on the extended trial via Shape Your Ipswich.

Published 2-Jan-2024

Springfield Central Station Park ‘n Ride Recognised with International Design Award

Did you know that the Springfield Central Station Park ‘n’ Ride received an Award of Merit in the Rail/Transit category, a global recognition from the US-based magazine Engineering News-Record?

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Engineering News-Record (ENR) honoured 31 winning projects from 23 countries through the Global Best Projects Awards, which were judged by industry leaders on criteria including quality, innovation, safety, collaboration, and community benefit.

The Springfield Central Park ‘n’ Ride was praised for its innovative design, striking visual impression, and accessibility. 

Photo credit: All is Light/GHD Design

Opened to the public in May 2022, the $44.5 million multi-storey parking facility was designed by GHD and built by ADCO for the Department of Transport and Main Roads. 

With five parking levels, it brings total customer parking at Springfield Central Station to around 1,100 spaces, part of the Queensland government’s $160 million park-and-ride upgrade program.

Photo credit: All is Light/GHD Design

According to Joshua Rhodes, GHD Design Senior Designer, the concept for the carpark form was inspired by nature’s ability to create organic symmetry and efficiency within irregular shapes. 

“The car park is conceived as an object within the landscape, formed by the natural forces around it, which are also evident in the existing urban response. The design attempts to balance creating a building of its place, inspired by the site’s geology and hydrology, while also creating a distinctive landmark that signals the gateway to the greater Springfield area,” Rhodes stated.

Photo credit: All is Light/GHD Design

This was not the first recognition for the Springfield Central Station Park ‘n Ride structure. Earlier in 2023, it also received the Queensland Major Contractors Association Design Excellence Award. This award honours projects with innovative contributions to civil construction that can be broadly applied. 

About the ENR Global Best Projects

The competition honours outstanding global construction projects and the companies behind them. It recognises projects built anywhere in the world, focusing on the unique challenges, risks, and achievements of designing and constructing in diverse, remote locations worldwide. 

Eligible projects are judged on several criteria, including how teams overcame challenges, embraced safety (meeting or exceeding local and international standards), demonstrated innovation and industry contribution, and exhibited quality construction and craftsmanship. 

For the Springfield Park ‘n Ride, COVID-19 supply chain issues required the team to pivot from the original precast concrete structural design. The engineer devised a hybrid system using post-tensioned slabs and beams for most of the structure, along with a reinforced concrete beam-and-slab system for the more complex corners and helix. 

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Receiving the ENR Global Best Project Award of Merit highlights the project’s success in overcoming challenges like supply chain disruptions whilst exemplifying safety, sustainability, and quality craftsmanship.

Published 26-December-2023 

Springfield Central SHS Launches School Breakfast Club in Partnership with YMCA

Springfield Central State High School, in collaboration with the YMCA Queensland Schools’ Breakfast Program and with the support of Club Parkview, recently launched the Springfield Central Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club is open every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. at the Community Centre, offering students and their families access to a healthy and convenient breakfast. The Breakfast Club aims to address the importance of a nutritious morning meal and to ensure that no student starts their day hungry.  

The YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program, which serves over 14,000 children each day across 165+ schools in South East Queensland, has been successful in optimising behavioural outcomes in the classroom, boosting student engagement, and elevating academic performance. This approach recognises that a balanced breakfast can have a lasting impact on a student’s overall well-being and future habits.

In support of this initiative, an additional $2.7 million has been allocated by the government for School Breakfast Programs across the state. The program aims to serve more than just a meal; it strives to foster healthy eating habits, enhance student engagement, and improve academic performance.

As the program commences its operations, all are encouraged to participate and experience the positive impact of a nutritious start to the day. 

The Breakfast Club welcomes students, families, and community members to participate in this initiative to foster better nutrition and stronger community connections.

Published 28-Aug-2023

Springfield Gears Up for Six-Month E-Scooter Trial

Did you know that a six-month e-scooter trial will be conducted in Springfield Central, Spring Mountain, and Springfield Lakes through leading e-scooter hire company Beam, in collaboration with Ipswich City Council?

Starting 8 July 2023, residents and locals in those areas will have access to Beam’s latest fleet of top-of-the-range, safety-focused e-scooters, riding them around as a convenient and safe transportation alternative, reducing reliance on private cars and public transport and providing data that would be useful in deciding on a longer term use case for them. 

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To ensure safe usage, e-scooters and personal mobility devices will be permitted on footpaths, shared paths, separated paths, bike paths, and local streets with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less and no dividing line. 

E-Scooter Trial
Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

The introduction of e-scooters aligns with Ipswich City Council’s iGO Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy, which was adopted in 2019. This strategy outlines a roadmap for integrating new technologies, such as e-scooters, into the city’s transport networks. 

E-Scooter Trial
Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

Speed limits for e-scooters are set at 12km/h on footpaths, shared paths, and crossings, and 25km/h on permitted local roads, bike paths, and bike lanes, unless otherwise indicated by signage.

Beam was selected for the trial due to its strong safety record and commitment to prioritising pedestrian safety. The company employs geo-locking technology to restrict e-scooters from entering high pedestrian zones and enforces maximum speed limits.

Deputy Chairperson of the Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee and Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully emphasised the importance of the e-scooter trial, stating that it will allow residents to try out shared e-scooters and provide their thoughts and input on how council might integrate e-scooters into the city’s transport network for the long term.

Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

The six-month trial period, running until December 2023, will provide ample time for residents to experience the benefits of shared e-scooters and offer valuable feedback to the council. 

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Beam, in preparation for the launch, will also host the Beam Safe Academy event, aimed at educating the community about e-scooter safety and gathering their input. This event will take place at the Robelle Domain car park next to the Orion Lagoon on Saturday, 8 July 2023 starting at 9 a.m, providing curious residents with the opportunity to test ride the scooters.

Published 6-July-2023

‘Go for Gold’ Fund Benefits Springfield Lakes and Springfield Central Schools

Seven schools in the Jordan Ward, which covers Springfield Lakes and Springfield Central, were the lucky recipients of the “Go For Gold” funding program that encourages sports participation among the young.

In early 2023, Springfield Lakes State School and Springfield Central State High School each received $3,000 for the purchase of sports equipment to help with the training of budding athletes. The Springfield Anglican State College also received $500 for gymnastic ribbons.

Camira State School, Greenbank State School, Flagstone State Community College, and Woodcrest State College were also beneficiaries of the substantial funding. 

The Go for Gold program supports investment projects for active engagement to boost the students’ interest in sports. 

This year, applications for the first round closed on March 2023 but the second round, including the assessment, will run until 15 Sept 2023. Queensland schools, including primary, high, middle and special education schools, may apply for this benefit, especially for the following needs: 

  • re-marking or re-surfacing outdoor courts, permanent shade cover over existing outdoor courts
  • outdoor athletic track and field facility, small multi-purpose sports facilities and synthetic grass fields
  • small multi-sports indoor court facilities and outdoor courts.

For enquiries about Go For Gold, email

Published 14 May 2023

Multi-Storey Mega Park ‘n’ Ride Now Serving Springfield Central Commuters

Commuters at the Springfield Central Station may now enjoy more convenience following the opening of the multi-storey mega Park ‘n’ Ride that can accommodate at least 1,100 customers.

The $44.5 million investment has more than doubled the previous car parking available at the station, which boasts five levels. This means more commuters may now park and then take public transportation to get to their appointments. 

The said investment is also expected to ease traffic congestion as Springfield continues to grow as commuters will be on more trains and buses whilst their car is safely parked at the facility. 

“This new, multi-storey park ‘n’ ride has sustainable and innovative design features such as recycled aluminium in the building façade and the ability to accommodate another parking level in the future if required,” Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said. 

“In addition to elevator access and CCTV within the facility, 24 sheltered parking spaces for people with a disability have been created in the existing park ‘n’ ride closer to the station off Sir Llew Edwards Drive.” 

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen also welcomed the opening of the Springfield Central Station Park ‘n’ Ride as it will remove illegal parking around the station. 

“With this volume of spaces available, I hope to see even more people through our community take advantage of the convenience of public transport for their travel,” Ms Mullen said.

“Access to the station has also been improved through a new signalised pedestrian crossing providing customers access across the Springfield Greenbank Arterial.

“The new multi-level facility will bring the total number of spaces to around 1100 across the precinct, and will make a big difference in the everyday lives of commuters in Springfield and beyond.”

Celebrate Multicultural Diversity at The Greater Springfield Community Festival

Mark your calendars for The Greater Springfield Community Festival, the multi-awarded event celebrating multicultural diversity in Queensland!

Organised by the Varnam Cultural Society (Qld) Inc, this major event will present the talents and skills of the Tamil Community. Happening on Saturday, the 30th of April 2022, the event will run from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Robelle Domain Parklands along Education City Drive in Springfield Central.

The Greater Springfield Community Festival was formerly the Multicultural Tamil & Indian New Year Celebrations, which was recognised as the Event of the Year in 2020.

This annual gathering is an opportunity for the locals to participate in community activities and renew social connections. Support for this event will also help raise much-needed funds for the advocacies of the Varnam Cultural Society. 

Photo Credit: The Greater Springfield Community Festival/Facebook

Families and kids will be entertained by carnival games, a petting zoo, performances and live DJs, and amusement rides. Food and business stalls will also set shop at the festival. The event will also mark a Citizenship Ceremony.

Plans For Mater’s New Public Hospital In Springfield Central Unveiled

Mater Health Services has lodged its plans for a new public hospital in Springfield Central, which will cater to the increasing demand for public health services in the Greater Ipswich region.

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Mater Health Services plans to build the new structure at the same site as Mater Private Hospital Springfield on Health Care Drive.

First announced in May 2021, the proposed public hospital will take up about 2.6-ha of land in the area bounded by Mercy Ave, Health Care Dr, Nightingale Ave, and John Nugent Way.

Mater public hospital
Site of the proposed Mater public hospital

The new facility will feature two different building structures, a public hospital and an ancillary central energy plant.

The Mater Hospital Springfield Stage 2 will consist of a new 10-storey building (9 storeys and partial roof level) whilst the central energy plant building will serve as an ancillary, integrated central facility. 

With plans to accommodate 152 beds, Stage 2 of the new hospital would also include an Intensive Care Unit, Maternity service, more procedural areas, and a much-needed Emergency Department which Mater Private Hospital currently does not have.

Artist’s impression of Ambulance Bay access (Photo credit: Ipswich City Council)

In addition to expanded private bed capacity and services in the region, the proposed hospital will also feature more interventional spaces, such as operating theatres and endoscopy suite, as well as increased clinical capability of the service, meaning more complex care can be treated locally.

Plans (Photo credit: Ipswich City Council)

The proposed public hospital in Springfield Central is a partnership between Mater Health Services and the State Government. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the expansion of Mater’s private facility as a response to the public’s appeal for a new public hospital in the area. 

Mater Health Services will privately fund the facility whilst the Stage Government will contribute $177 million for the care of public patients. 

Mercy Ave streetscape (Photo credit: Ipswich City Council)

“The Palaszczuk Government will fully fund the additional operational funding required for the new facility on an ongoing basis from its expected opening in 2024,” said Health Minister Yvette D’Ath.

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The project is also expected to bring in 700 jobs throughout construction and over 1,000 health jobs once it opens in late 2024. For more details about Mater Private Hospital’s expansion, see 20230/2021/ADP on the Ipswich City Council PD Online website.

Two Petitions Lodged for an Ashleigh Barty Bridge or Statue in Springfield Central

Locals in Ipswich are mobilising a petition to rename a bridge in Springfield Central after Australia’s first Wimbledon women’s singles champion in 41 years, Ashleigh Barty. A second petition is also pushing for the first female statue in Brisbane featuring the tennis star.

Spearheaded by Ipswich resident Karin Weston, the petition on Charge.Org has gotten nearly 7,000 signatures and it’s still gaining the numbers. The petition is asking Ipswich City Council to change the Paul Pisasale Bridge to Ashleigh Barty Bridge, citing that it’s “well overdue.”

Weston said that she gets frustrated whenever she crosses the Paul Pisasale Bridge, named after the disgraced mayor who was sacked in 2018 and convicted in 2020 following a Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission investigation. 


  • A petition to rename the Paul Pisasale Bridge to Ashleigh Barty Bridge in Springfield Central is gaining momentum after her Wimbledon win.
  • Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said that Barty deserves the highest honour that should top the Paul Pisasale Bridge.
  • Another petition has launched the campaign for the first female statue in Brisbane featuring Barty.

“An Indigenous woman, a sporting legend, a woman of character who is proud to call this community her hometown,” Weston wrote. “We are all so proud of Ash and acknowledge the values and successes through triumph and the low times where Ash’s character was tested and shone through maintaining her strength and values and always commending the support of her team family and fans.”  

Ash Barty Statue

Meanwhile, a campaign has been launched to build a statue for Barty in Greater Springfield. Created by Melina MacNellie-Verrall, the petition could pave the way for the creation of Brisbane’s first statue dedicated to a woman.

“The point was raised that Brisbane does not have any female statues recognising their achievements,” Ms MacNellie-Verrall wrote. “Ash Barty deserves to be recognised for her success as one of Queensland’s greatest sportswomen for many years to come and what a wonderful opportunity to be Brisbane’s first female statue.”

Council’s Plans 

It comes as Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding has been looking into renaming some bridges, roads, and nature reserves amidst calls from the community. These landmarks include:

Paul Pisasale Bridge – Springfield CentralDavid Morrison Way – Springfield
Paul Tully Bridge – Springfield CentralPaul Tully Avenue – Collingwood
David Pahlke Bridge – Springfield CentralSheila Ireland Reserve – Redbank Plain

Whilst the mayor agrees with the community’s call for the renaming, she said that the Council would still conduct a proper investigation into the cost of changing public landmarks, which will be shouldered by ratepayers. She said that residents and businesses that could be affected by the name change will be consulted and that Council will need 75 percent of the public to agree before proceeding with the plans.

The mayor also believes that the city should give Barty the “highest honour,” especially after her display of sportsmanship at Wimbledon. She is aware of the petition but given the association with the bridge, Harding said that wants to give Barty something more special to top the Paul Pisasale Bridge. She also plans to run some ideas with the tennis champ herself. 

Ash Barty at the Tokyo Olympics

Meanwhile, after her success at Wimbledon, Barty failed to win an Olympic medal at the women’s single in the Tokyo Olympics. Team Spain’s Sara Sorribes Tormo knocked Barty off the first-round match.

Barty and Storm Sanders also failed to win the women’s doubles match against Czech Republic’s Katerina Siniakova and Barbora Krejcikova. But as Barty was not yet ready to throw in the towel, she and John Peers won bronze medals at the mixed doubles, their first Olympic medals in their career.

After Tokyo Olympics, Barty will play at the U.S. Open and then come home in November. She has houses in Springfield Lakes and Augustine Heights. The renaming might need to wait until the champion returns home.