Goodna Charity Builds Sleeping Pods For The Homeless

Hoping to make a difference in the community, charity Goodna Street Life has started building sleeping pods to provide emergency sleeping accommodation for homeless individuals.

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The sleeping pods were placed at the back of Helen’s Haven, a supported tiny homes community development which combines affordable living and the individual supports people need to gain housing independence.

Inspired by Japan’s capsule hotels, there’s a mattress and bed provided, and they come outfitted with USB charger and lights which are all powered by solar.

The sleeping pods provide immediate access to a safe and secure place, free of charge, to get people off the streets and connected with support immediately.

The organisation, which has already built six pods for the initial stage of the project, is aiming to build 30 pods. 

Photo credit: Councillor Nicole Jonic – Ipswich City Council/Facebook

The Japanese-inspired sleeping pods are a big help for those who need them the most, but the group is still hoping these individuals will be given long-term housing.

“We believe everyone has the right to a safe and secure home. When we give people the opportunity and support to build themselves up, they have the best chance to overcome the challenges and obstacles they face,” the organisation stated.

Whilst they can offer help as much as they can, the group only relies on funds through donations, op shop sales, contributions from tenants and services offered by volunteers.

The Complex Causes of Homelessness

Photo credit: Goodna Street Life

Goodna Street Life shared that the leading cause of homelessness is accommodation issues (34 percent), which already covers housing crisis and inadequate or inappropriate dwellings.

The latest figures by the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy revealed the Queensland government has built 326 new social homes in the latest financial year, which is only half from what was built from the 2020-2021 fiscal year, with around 631 homes completed.

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In relation to housing concerns, CHDE released a Strategic Plan for 2022-2026, which highlights their objectives like creating jobs, increasing the supply of social and affordable homes through new investment, and partnering with the community housing sector and private industry.

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