Expert Sleep Technicians From Springfield Lakes Presents New Portable Sleep Diagnosis

Sleep Study Brisbane, a group of expert sleep technicians from Springfield Lakes, has partnered with sleep specialists in Brisbane and NSW to launch a portable sleeping apnea diagnosis, allowing an entire sleep study to occur in the patient’s home.

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With the new sleep study testing service, patients will be allowed to bring Sleep Testing and CPAP Therapy to their homes, where they are relaxed, and able to get all their questions about sleep disorders answered.                                                                                   

What Is CPAP Therapy?

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine is prescribed by a Sleep or Respiratory Specialist.  CPAP is used in providing air pressure to keep your airway open and so avoid sleep disturbances. 

The CPAP works by gently blowing air into the throat to improve the flow of air into the airways.  It uses a special mask fitted over your nose and mouth into which air is blown at a certain pressure. This pressure is set so it would be just enough to prevent sleep apnea.

Home Sleep Study

A sleep study is performed to identify sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, which happens because of an obstruction in the throat during sleep; and central sleep apnea, caused by a delay in the signal from the brain to the lungs.

Until recently, patients had no choice but to get the test done in a hospital or in a sleep laboratory where they go to sleep attached to a Polysomnograph (PSG) Machine set up on a bedside table in one of their rooms.

Patient attached to a Polysomnograph Machine (Photo credit:

A home sleep study, also known as a polysomnogram, is an overnight test performed on a person while they are asleep to identify the real cause of their sleep problems.  It tracks the patient’s sleep pattern, breathing, oxygen level, heart rate and rhythm, body position and movements, and airway muscle tone.

“During our home sleep study, Brisbane-based technicians come to your home to attach the PSG onto you. If you are able to go for a drive and want to pay a lesser co-payment, you can come to our clinic to get the PSG attached to you,” said Sleep Study Brisbane.

“You can sleep in your own bed and have your sleep study in complete privacy and comfort. If however, you may have other more serious conditions, the GP may refer you to have the sleep test completed in a monitored environment like a sleep lab or hospital,” they added.

Sleep Study Brisbane offers a Medicare Rebate for the home sleep study. Those who wish to take advantage of the rebate would need a signed referral form from their GP. Visit Sleep Study Brisbane’s website to download the form and to learn more about their portable Medicare-covered apnea diagnosis.