Springfield Centenary Canoe Club Urges Locals to Make The Most Out of New Regatta Lake Upgrades

Upgrades at the Regatta Lake in Springfield Lakes are finally complete and the club is encouraging new members to use the new Regatta Lake Pad Hub.

The upgrades have actually taken a bit of time to come to fruition. The boat ramp application was approved by the Ipswich City Council in April of this year, which was actively pushed by various groups such as the Springfield Centenary Canoe Club who have been calling for proper access to Regatta Lake.

The development also included a district park and a dog park, which will form a part of the Discovery Lake District Park.

Now, the lake has a boat ramp, carpark, and pontoon. They are also pushing for a storage container approval. With all of these new upgrades at the lake, there’s no stopping anyone from taking up paddle sports, which is highly promoted by the canoe club.

The aim of the club, which also operates Riverhills, is to make this club the biggest in Queensland. Considering that six members of the club are current canoe polo masters world champions, it seems that the club is well on its way to being just that.

The official launch of the Regatta Lake Pad Hub may happen next year.