Augustine Heights Is a Hot Contender For Ipswich’s Fast Food Capital

Surrounding Springfield Lakes, Augustine Heights has become informally known as Ipswich’s fast food capital.

This news came upon the opening of Australia’s biggest Red Rooster store in the suburb in early December joining the newly-opened McDonalds in the area. Zaraffas and Guzman Y Gomez also joined the fast food family in the suburb.

According to the development director of Springfield Land Corporation Commercial, these fast food chains are a good fit for the area and that residents should expect more to come.

They will not only bring food chains but they will also open other types of establishments that will bring more jobs to the people. These recently opened fast food chains have given thousands of jobs to the community. The recently opened Red Rooster still have at least 40 job openings to be filled. There have been over 120 jobs created across the two open stores since it started construction in April.


Competing For the Title of Fast Food Capital

However, Augustine Heights is up against both Redbank Plains and West Ipswich as “fast food capital”. Both these suburbs also have a significant number of fast food establishments in their vicinity.

West Ipswich
Redbank Plains