State Allocates Budget for Transport and Education in Springfield Area

The State Government is investing on educational and transport infrastructure projects in Springfield as part of its 2019-20 Budget allocation for Ipswich, aimed  at supporting more jobs and helping around 270 businesses in this region.

About $2.4 million of the State Government’s budget allocation for Ipswich in 2019-20, out of a $44.5 million total spend, will be spent towards upgrading the Springfield Central train station park ‘n’ ride to improve safety and amenity for customers departing the train station.

Once completed, the new multi-storey park ‘n’ ride will provide around 1,100 parking spaces and enhance public access from the Springfield Central train station.

Also, Springfield Central State High School will receive $5.2 million in 2019-20, out of a $17.8 million total spend, that will go toward the construction of  additional classrooms and a new multipurpose hall.

The $9-million multi-purpose hall will feature two multi-purpose sports courts with retractable basketball backboards, amenities, storage areas, learning areas, staff room, and meeting rooms.

The State Government will invest $12.9 billion in essential infrastructure to improve roads, hospitals, and schools across Queensland, directly supporting 40,500 jobs with 25,500 of which will in regions outside of Greater Brisbane.

In Ipswich, the State Government will invest $107.3 Million in 2019-20 to maintain, improve, and upgrade existing schools, $895.9 Million for productivity enhancing infrastructure and capital works, and $642.8 Million for West Moreton Hospital and Health Services. The State Government spending in educational and transport infrastructure projects is expected to support around 2,000 jobs in the region.