Council Approved Hundreds of Homes as Ipswich’s Population Grew 27 % Last Quarter

Ipswich City Council approved 1,033 homes over the September quarter as the city’s population grew 27 per cent to 243,588, latest report says.

“As Queensland’s fastest growing city, Ipswich continues to lead the charge in catering for the south-east’s growing population by ensuring we have more land coming to market,” Mayor Harding said about the total lot approvals during the past quarter which saw an increase of 1,145 per cent or 1,033 lots. 

The data is included in the Council’s Planning and Regulatory Services Quarterly Report from 1 July to 30 September 2022 which provides a glimpse into the development activity and population growth across Ipswich. 

“That growth from the previous quarter is largely because we had two large housing estates approved this quarter with 799 lots for an estate in Spring Mountain and 184 lots for an estate in Ripley.

“While Brisbane will run out of available land to build new homes in less than three years, Ipswich goes from strength to strength with 7.3 years’ worth of approved lots – land that is ready to go to market for housing.

“Council continues to work with all levels of government to secure the critical funding needed to deliver community and transport infrastructure to support our rapidly growing population.”

 Ipswich City Council Addresses Growing Population With Hundreds of Lot Approvals Over the September Quarter
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According to Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Deputy Chairperson Councillor Paul Tully, the quarterly report also shows that the city grew to an additional 1,218 residents that moved to the city during the period. That equates to a 27 per cent rise compared to the June quarter bringing Ipswich’s population to 243,588.

Most of those residents, Cr Tully said, are moving to the suburbs of Ripley, Spring Mountain, Redbank Plains, South Ripley and Springfield. These are also the top five suburbs for new dwellings and additional population.

“New dwellings overall increased 35 per cent, lots created increased 7 per cent, while development applications also went up by 7 per cent in the September quarter.”

Other highlights of the quarterly report card include: 

  • 415 new dwellings (35 per cent increase from June  2022)
  • 88,653 total dwellings
  • 8.4km of additional pathways and bikeways
  • 4.45km of additional local roads
  • 1.32ha of additional local parks
  • 32 new food businesses started up
  • Almost 30,000 animal registrations
  • 8.4km of additional pathways and bikeways created
  • 4,175 customer service requests lodged with the council
  • More than 2,400 parking infringements

You can read the full Planning and Regulatory Services Quarterly Report here.