Foul-Smelling Cell Within New Chum Landfill to Shutdown in 2023

Cleanway Waste Management has decided to shut down a foul-smelling cell within the New Chum landfill in 2023, following orders to reduce the volume of its intake and rehabilitate the area.

In June, Cleanway was slapped with an Environmental Protection Order to assess its gas management for Cell 3B and come up with a plan to reduce its emissions after residents complained of the odour reaching their homes.  

The New Chum landfill was heavily affected during the February floods and had to undertake excessive remediations. More rains, however, impacted the facility and added to the damage of a new cell, which was yet to finish construction. 

According to the State Government, 4.9 ML of water still remains in the new cell as of the end of August 2022, which is roughly the size of two Olympic-sized swimming pools. Cleanway has until the 6th of September 2022 to comply with the Notice of Proposed Amendment with the Department of Environment and Science before the company will be cleared for expansion. 

New Chum Landfill
Photo Credit: DeptEnvironmentandScience

Cleanway has been pumping and dosing the water, whilst aeration and deodorising have continued. These remediations have apparently cost the company millions in expenses.  

“As a result of the extended timeframe for remediation, the site is likely to be closed throughout FY23,” the company said

Meanwhile, Mayor Teresa Harding said that whilst Cleanway has been working closely with Council, the Department and the community, the State Government’s action is already a win for Ispwich. 

“Unfortunately, our residents are all too familiar with the offensive odours that arise from private landfills sites in Ipswich,” Mayor Harding said.

“The extreme rainfall from Ipswich’s February floods had pooled in a landfill cell at the Cleanaway site which has contributed significantly to a powerful odour blanketing several suburbs.

“Residents will no doubt be relieved to hear that the State intends to direct Cleanaway to permanently close the landfill cell and fully restore it.”