Springfield-Based Medcan Leads the Way in Medicinal Hemp Farming with Advanced Technology

Use of medical hemp in Australia has witnessed a steady increase since its legalisation, and one company in Queensland is at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry. Medcan, with its headquarters in Springfield, has pioneered a cutting-edge tech setup that is considered one of the most advanced in the southern hemisphere.

Under the leadership of CEO Craig Cochran, Medcan is dedicated to producing the highest quality hemp available in the market. Cochran emphasised the importance of creating an environment that can be accurately controlled and consistently replicated to achieve this goal.

Thanks to its advanced technology setup, Medcan has the capacity to produce up to 6,000 kilograms of dried cannabis flower per year. This production volume places the company at the forefront of medicinal cannabis cultivation in Australia.

Medcan operates a 3,000-square-meter vertical cannabis farm equipped with the PRIVA software system and a state-of-the-art HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The combination of these technologies allows for precise environmental control and optimal cultivation conditions.

Nate Jones, Head of Cultivation at Medcan, highlighted the challenge of managing the dehumidification load required for indoor plant growth. However, Medcan designed an innovative HVAC system that effectively maintains the temperature at an ideal 25 degrees Celsius, with an optimal humidity level of 55 per cent.

The PRIVA system employed by Medcan is a comprehensive software solution that utilizes algorithmic logic to calculate and manage the plant’s environment. It collects data from hundreds of probes and various measuring equipment throughout the facility, ensuring optimal conditions for growth.

In addition to cultivation, Medcan operates as a full-service company, covering the entire value chain of medicinal cannabis. They engage in manufacturing, importation, exportation, wholesale distribution, and local supply of medical cannabis across Australia.

The innovative approach and dedication to quality exhibited by Medcan are propelling Queensland to the forefront of the medicinal cannabis industry in Australia. With the company’s advanced technology and comprehensive services, it is poised to meet the growing demand for medicinal cannabis and contribute significantly to the healthcare sector.

Published 16-June-2023