Fourth McDonald’s To Open in Greater Springfield, Residents Upset

A fourth McDonald’s is opening in Greater Springfield and residents are not too happy about it. Clearly, the residents think an additional fast-food chain to get your guilty fix of burger and french fries is far from a good idea.

On 30th November, development proposal was submitted to the Ipswich City Council for a 24-hour McDonald’s on the corner of Springfield Parkway and New Smith Drive. As part of the development, a portion of the the Springfield Parkway would be widened. Just recently, the council has approved the proposal.

In July of this year, a McDonald’s opened in Augustine Heights. There are plans for another one in Camira as well. So far, there are three McDonald’s within the area, one is in Springfield Lakes and one is in Bellbird Park.

Upon the announcement of a new McDonald’s early this month via a Facebook post, over 200 people commented and expressed their disapproval. Some of them also calls on the council to intervene. However, Cr David Morrison said that the it isn’t up to the council to decide who could open a restaurant.

Residents pointed out the prevalent obesity issue. Cr Morrison said that he understands the obesity argument but it really comes down to a personal choice on the part of the consumer, as to what to eat.

The new development also has plans for a new 7-Eleven store, a service station, and an area for residential properties.