Springfield’s Mater Hospital to Feature Cutting-Edge Robotic Pharmacy System

Springfield residents will soon benefit from the latest advancements in medical technology as the Mater Foundation, a charitable organization supporting Mater hospitals across Queensland, invests $450,000 in a state-of-the-art robotic pharmacy system for the new Mater Private Hospital in Springfield. 

This innovative system is set to revolutionize prescription delivery, aiming to provide around 100,000 prescriptions annually to patients and medical staff within minutes. The investment made by the Mater Foundation demonstrates the importance of community fundraising in supporting the vital work of Mater, Queensland’s largest not-for-profit health provider.

Mater Private Hospital Springfield’s General Manager, Suzanne Hawksley, expressed gratitude for the generosity of Mater’s donors and highlighted the significant impact the investment will have on the hospital’s pharmacy team and patients.

With the completion of the Stage 2 expansion, Mater Pharmacy anticipates dispensing approximately 100,000 prescriptions per year. The cutting-edge technology of the BD ROWA Vmax-160 pharmacy robotic and inventory dispensing system will ensure accurate and efficient medication delivery, significantly reducing waiting times for patients. The system automates the process of picking and dispensing medicines, directing them to each pharmacist’s workstation via chutes and conveyor belts. This eliminates the need for pharmacists to manually locate and collect medications from shelves, streamlining operations and enhancing patient care.

In addition to improving efficiency, the robotic pharmacy system will optimize stock control, leading to more effective inventory management within the pharmacy. This will ultimately reduce the amount of storage space required and enhance overall pharmacy operations.

Mater Foundation’s Chief Executive, Andrew Thomas, emphasized that the acquisition of the pharmacy robot exemplifies how community fundraising efforts directly contribute to enhanced patient care at Mater. He encouraged Springfield residents to participate in Mater Giving Day, which falls on 28 June 2023. On this day, all donations to the Mater Foundation will be tripled by matching donors, amplifying the impact of each contribution.

To contribute to Mater Giving Day and support the Mater Foundation’s initiatives, donations can be made online.

Mater Giving Day serves as an opportunity for the community to support the provision of life-saving medical equipment, research, education, and healthcare throughout Queensland. Mr. Thomas expressed his gratitude to Mater’s staff, patients, loved ones, and supporters, emphasizing the profound difference their collective contributions can make in the lives of Mater’s patients.

Meanwhile, the ongoing Stage 2 expansion of Mater Private Hospital Springfield, located on Health Care Drive, is a crucial development aimed at meeting the community’s healthcare needs for years to come. The expansion will provide 174 public beds and offer both private and public services, including an emergency department, an intensive care unit, and Mater’s renowned maternity services. This comprehensive approach ensures that local women have the opportunity to give birth within their own community, fostering a sense of comfort and convenience during the crucial time of childbirth.

Construction work on the Stage 2 expansion began in early 2023, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2025. The new Mater Private Hospital Springfield represents a significant advancement in healthcare infrastructure and demonstrates Mater’s commitment to delivering exceptional care to the Springfield community.

Published 18-June-2023