Springfield Lakes Local Promotes Emerging Brisbane Artists

A Springfield Lakes resident made sure to bring art to Brookwater to showcase the work of South East Queensland artists.

Tinaye Jani is the owner of Kheis Art, the only art gallery of its kind in Springfield Lakes. The place is a physical and an online gallery in the region which offers colourful and bright pieces from emerging Brisbane artists. Kheis means “home” or a “place to live” in Zimbabwean Khoi dialect. The gallery is located at the Brookwater Village Shopping Centre.

Mrs Jani, who was born in Zimbabwe, saw so much potential in Brookwater and upon seeing it, she immediately thought of bringing colour to the area. She has been living in Springfield Lakes for years now. Before moving to the area, she used to run an art store in Perth selling African art pieces.

With her love for art, she sympathizes with the artists that haven’t gotten their much deserved exposure yet, so her art gallery is one of her ways to help Brisbane residents, even people all over Australia and around the world, see the magnificent work of these new and emerging artists.

Currently, the gallery hosts three Brisbane-based artists: RMH Art, Beverly Sekete and Lynette Davis.

Mrs Jani said she is always on the lookout for emerging artists to showcase their works of art in her gallery.