Trapped Animals In Springfield Rise Development Worries Residents

Residents of Springfield Lakes are expressing concern about the safety of wildlife trapped in the Springfield Rise development site in Springfield Central.

Kangaroos have been spotted in the area whilst the residential project’s construction is in progress. Residents are worried that there is no path for the animals to escape the area and they could be harmed during the ongoing construction.

Four thousand homes will be built as part of the Springfield Rise project and a significant area has been cleared for this purpose.

The residentsā€™ concerns have reached environmental groups, Environment Matters 2 Us and Springfield Lakes Environmental Advisory Group (SLEAG). The groups have already filed a complaint with the Ipswich City Council regarding the matter.

TheĀ groups believe that the council should take responsibility since they were the one who approved the development.

Cr David Morrison and Cr Sheila Ireland said that the developer has undertaken all measures to get native animals out of the site.

A spokesperson for Springfield Rise at Spring Mountain also reassured residents that their clearing has been approved and that the process was based on their comprehensive Environmental Management Plan. They also employ a wildlife spotter on site throughout the clearing activities.

The developer asserts that all their management plans posted on their website have all been approved by the Commonwealth Department of the Environment. They are assuring the public that their plans are in compliance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act of 1999.

View the management plans here.