Defying Expectations: How A 20-Year-Old Purchased His Own Home at Covella Greenbank

At just 20 years old, Jonah Blackburn has accomplished a feat that many of his peers can only dream of – he’s a homeowner. Blackburn recently purchased a block at the new Covella Greenbank housing development, a remarkable achievement for someone so young.

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The path to homeownership wasn’t an easy one for Blackburn. He was initially turned down when trying to purchase an existing home, a common roadblock for first-time buyers. But Blackburn was undeterred, and he set his sights high by breaking into the property market at a young age.

A key factor in Blackburn’s success was taking advantage of the First Home Buyers Grant. Blackburn explained that when you purchase a house outright, as soon as you do the deal and deposit, the government injects $30,000 into your loan. He noted that this money is not deducted from the buying power, but rather paid at the slab stage.

Jonah Blackburn and his partner (Photo credit:

Blackburn is now looking forward to building and moving into his new home with his partner. But the journey hasn’t been without sacrifice. Blackburn explained that he hasn’t done anything overly smart or majorly different, he’s just worked a lot more than most of his peers, even having three jobs at one stage.

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Blackburn shared most people only need around $30,000. However, he saved a bit more than that, recognising that there are often additional expenses beyond just the deposit. 

He noted that there are usually extra costs involved, such as stamp duty on the land and various registration fees, so it’s prudent to have a slightly larger savings cushion to cover those additional outlays.

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A spokesperson for AVID Property Group, which is behind Covella, stated that buyer inquiry remains strong at the development, with first-time home buyers making up 50 percent of the inquiries.

It’s revealed first-time home buyers at Covella Greenbank are not only seeking affordability, but also a community with access to transportation, green open spaces, and lifestyle amenities such as shopping and dining options.

The first home owner grant provides eligible first-time home buyers in Queensland with either $15,000 or $30,000 to put towards the purchase or construction of a new home.

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Blackburn’s story serves as an inspiration to other young people who may be daunted by the prospect of homeownership. By being disciplined with his spending, working tirelessly, and taking advantage of government programs, Blackburn has proven that it is possible to break into the property market at a young age.

Published 16-April-2024