Ipswich Jets Leagues Club Proposes Expansion, New Cafe and Parking Upgrades

The Ipswich Jets Leagues Club is set to expand whilst preserving the heritage assets of the Hotel Cecil, which has been under the club‘s ownership since 1998.

The proposed development aims to expand the current Licensed Club in two stages, with a plan to increase the Gross Floor Area by 240m2 and create parking spaces for an extra 61 cars, including a multi-level car parking structure during Stage 2. 

Additionally, the plans include improved vehicular access to Downs Street, better pedestrian access to the club, street activation and articulation to Lowry Street, and minor internal modifications.

One of the major highlights of the proposed development is the cafe, which will be situated at the Lowry Street entrance of the building. It will feature a window for street orders and a roof extension, creating a perfect space for a casual meal or a relaxing dining experience.

The plans also incorporate a kid’s play area, more storage, a gaming room, a cool room, and a plant area, providing a comprehensive entertainment venue.

The heritage-listed Hotel Cecil, meanwhile, will be retained under the proposed plans.

The Hotel Cecil, which was first established as the ‘Imperial Hotel’ in April 1887, is a Queensland Heritage Place that was designed by architect F.D.G. Stanley. Over the years, it has undergone several extensions, including a single-storey wing in Lowry Street in 1915 and extensive renovations in 1992.

“It is reiterated that the Hotel Cecil is to be retained with no works proposed to the fabric and areas identified as being of heritage significance. In addition, the existing acoustic wall along the northern boundary of the premises is to be retained,” the submitted document reads.

As part of the parking upgrades, the proposal includes a new drop-off zone and rear entry to the main building, along with a multi-storey car park that would increase the number of parking spaces from 24 to 85 (16 new spaces in Stage 1 and 45 new spaces in Stage 2 of construction).

Currently, Jets Leagues’ application for the expansion is under review and awaiting Council approval. If approved, the proposed development will provide a much-needed entertainment venue and additional parking spaces for Ipswich Jets fans.

Published 27-April-2023