Brookwater Golf & Country Club: Gateway to Queensland’s Elite Golfing Experience

Joining the elite ranks of Brookwater Golf & Country Club is not just a matter of wealth or desire. Even for Australia’s sports luminaries, admission to this prestigious golf haven is a feat, hindered by long waiting lists, hefty fees, and exacting standards.

Nestled in the heart of Queensland, Brookwater Golf & Country Club, while a recent addition in the region, has swiftly cemented its status as an 18-hole masterpiece, a creation of Australian golfing legend Greg Norman. This club not only offers a superb golfing experience but also holds a special place in the hearts of sporting icons like tennis superstar Ash Barty.

Upholding Standards & Exclusivity

The membership process to this club is intricate, involving endorsements from current members and multiple interactions with club managers. This meticulous procedure ensures that new members align with the club’s prestigious clientele.

Brookwater Golf & Country Club
Photo Credit: Ben White/Google Maps

Brookwater offers various membership options, with fees varying based on factors such as residency, age, and skill level. Residents enjoy waived joining fees for 7-day memberships, while nonresidents face a joining fee and higher annual costs. The club facilitates online application forms, accommodating different age groups and preferences.

Brookwater maintains a strict dress code for both ladies and gentlemen, ensuring that all members and guests present themselves in a manner befitting the club’s prestigious status. This code excludes casual or offensive attire, emphasizing the club’s commitment to maintaining an environment of respect and professionalism.

Brookwater Golf & Country Club
Photo Credit: Brookwater Golf & Country Club

Ranked highly by Golf Digest and Top 100 Golf Courses, Brookwater’s reputation extends beyond its aesthetic appeal. It stands as the #1 Public Access Course in Queensland, as recognized by Golf Australia Magazine. This accolade underlines the club’s exceptional quality and its allure for golf enthusiasts.

Ash Barty’s Connection to Brookwater

The club’s prominence is further heightened by its association with Ash Barty, former World No. 1 tennis player and now a golfing marvel. Her victories in the club’s ladies’ competitions, shortly after retiring from tennis, speak volumes of her athletic prowess.

Moreover, Brookwater holds sentimental value for Ms Barty, being the place where she met her husband, Garry Kissick, further intertwining her personal and professional journeys with the club.

Her seamless transition from tennis to golf, exemplified by her success at Brookwater, has garnered admiration from golfing legends like Tiger Woods. Her repeated victories at the club’s tournaments underscore her remarkable adaptability and skill in the sporting arena.

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Published 22-Jan-2024