‘The World’s Greatest Freakshow’ Is Coming to Springfield Lakes

The World’s Greatest Freakshow’ is coming to Springfield Lakes! After successfully staging sold-out shows in Melbourne, this unique production will tour Queensland and New South Wales throughout spring and summer.

Inspired by the Hollywood mega-hit “The Greatest Showman”, Play Nation Events and Big Deal Touring are bringing to Australia a one-of-a-kind freaky production that showcases unrivalled talents from some of the most unique, freakiest acts around. 

The World’s Greatest Freakshow is currently being staged in Las Vegas where it enjoys sold-out performances. Now, this mind-blowing theatrical piece is coming to Queensland and New South Wales beginning in late August touring multiple venues in major cities and regional towns. 

So, who’s headlining the Springfield Lakes performance?

The Great Gordo Gamsby

Gordo has performed on TV shows around the world, from the little sideshow to the big stage. With Guinness World Records tucked under his belt, why wouldn’t anyone be impressed?

 Gordo Gamsby
Gordo Gamsby | Photo Credit: World’s Greatest Freakshow / Facebook

Samora Squid

Prepare yourself for some mesmerising performance from Samora as this stretchy, slimy and sexy sweetheart of the sideshow delivers stunts that will leave you breathless.

 Samora Squid
Samora Squid | Photo Credit: World’s Greatest Freakshow / Facebook

Sian Brigid

Dancing on glass, laying on nails and other thrilling and unimaginable stunts. Who would have thought that these performances would come from a former ballerina? Witness why Sian is one of Canberra’s most celebrated circus acts.

 Sian Brigid
Sian Brigid | Photo Credit: World’s Greatest Freakshow / Facebook

Aleksandra The Great

The Advertiser dubbed Aleksandra The Great as “gruesome yet oddly sexy”. Celebrated for their deadly talents and sensual striptease, this act is a definite must-see.

 Aleksandra The Great
Aleksandra The Great | Photo Credit: World’s Greatest Freakshow / Facebook

Miss Friby

Expect this modern-day Lucille Ball to deliver the most hilarious gags that earned this wise-cracking satirist a spot in the 2013 Australia’s Got Talent Finals and nominations for Green Room Awards and Field Awards.

Miss Friby
Miss Friby | Photo Credit: World’s Greatest Freakshow / Facebook

This epic theatrical show is scheduled to perform in Springfield Lakes at the Springfield Lakes Hotel this Friday, 9 September 2022. Doors will open at 8 pm, the show starts at 8.30 pm

For a full list of other performance dates and venues, click here.

1 Springfield Lakes Blvd, Springfield Lakes, Qld