Gelatissimo Springfield Now Offers Limited-Edition Flavours from Around the World

Filipino Ube Cheesecake. Hawaiian Tropical Coconut. Belgian Chocolate Marble Seashells. Sample the flavours of the world through gelato at Gelatissimo Orion Springfield Central and other Gelatissimo stores across Brisbane.  

Available for a limited time only,  “Flavours Around the World” brings three distinct flavours to enjoy. First on the list is their all-new Filipino Ube Cheesecake. This exciting new addition to their selection consists of ube — a delicacy from the Philippines made of mashed and boiled purple yam — as well as chunks of the more local Jiggle Cheesecake. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Gelatissimo

For those wanting a tropical beach vibe, Hawaiian Tropical Coconut consists of coconut gelato topped with pineapple chunks and salted macadamias, harvested from rainforests in Northern New South Wales and Queensland. Their tropical flavours, when blended together, aim to recreate the essence of Hawaii. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Gelatissimo

Belgian Choc Marble Seashells is an inspired creation made out of white chocolate gelato with a hazelnut ripple alongside authentic Italian hazelnut swirls reminiscent of Belgian chocolates. 

Photo credit: Instagram/Gelatissimo

Since these limited flavours have been launched, sales have been brisk with some flavours rapidly selling out due to popularity and demand. The promotion is available for a limited time only, until supplies last, so check your nearest store for availability. 

For more information on stores and store hours, visit their website here. Follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on scoops and serves, deals and dates, as well as any other special announcements concerning their limited-time flavours.