Environbank Installs Super Kiosk RVM at Springfield Orion Shopping Centre

Do you need to dispose of bottles, cans and other recyclables at home? There’s now a convenient and contactless way to do this at the Springfield Orion Shopping Centre, where Environbank has installed a Super Kiosk RVM (reverse vending machine).

Found at the centre’s carpark, the Super Kiosk RVM is a piece of high-tech equipment that can process over 100 bottles per minute and recycle up to 1,120 glass bottles or 3,000 PET per unit. As a reverse vending machine, this facility allows users to earn rewards like cash via a bank refund if people sign up with Envirobank’s Crunch app. 

Photo Credit: Environbank

For every recycled container, users can earn up to 15 Crunch credits equivalent to 10 cents. When users have accumulated a set amount, they may redeem these for rewards or transfer the cash with Environbank’s participating partners. 

The Crunch app is linked to various stores where users may redeem their credits, such as Coles, Target, KMart, Dominos, iTunes, PlayStation, Optus and Vodafone. 

Here’s what can and can be “deposited” at the Super Kiosk RVM: 

Photo Credit: Environbank

Additionally, the RVM has a scanner for reading the container’s barcode, which will determine the eligibility.

Environbank, established in 2008, is an Indigenous-owned company that aims to create social impact and boost the public’s recycling habits. It works in conjunction with Containers for Change to improve Queensland’s recycling rate to 85 percent by 2022. 

Despite recycling over two billion plastic, cans and bottles in the last two years, Queensland still has less than 45 percent recycling rate and it’s lower compared to other regions. The pandemic lockdowns forced some facilities to close as work-from-home became the norm. The Super Kiosk RVM could be the innovation to usher more changes, to benefit the environment, as it also partners with businesses.