E-scooter Trial Extended in Springfield Central

The Beam e-scooter trial scheme, currently underway in Springfield Central and the surrounding areas, is set to continue its operations for another six months. 

The extension of the pilot program, aimed at gathering additional data to assess the long-term feasibility of micro-mobility services, will run until July 2024. This trial period is poised to offer valuable insights into whether e-scooters could become a permanent and advantageous mode of transportation for residents and visitors alike.

Beam has been entrusted to operate up to 125 e-scooters within Springfield Central, Springfield Lakes, and Spring Mountain throughout the trial’s duration.

e-scooter trial springfield
Photo Credit: Shape Your Ipswich

Growth, Infrastructure, and Waste Committee Chair, Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding has reported that e-scooters have been met with enthusiasm by Springfield Central residents during the initial six-month trial period, which commenced on 1 July 2023.

“More than 3,000 users have embraced e-scooters during the trial’s course, showcasing the rapid adoption of this eco-friendly mode of transport,” Mayor Harding stated

“Collectively, scooter users have covered a distance of 30,000 kilometres so far this year, highlighting the potential impact of micro-mobility in facilitating suburban transportation, especially for ‘last mile’ connectivity to and from public transport hubs, workplaces, and educational institutions.”

Ipswich residents have collectively spent over 3,000 hours on e-scooters since its launch. Andrew Dodd, Beam’s Regional Operations Manager, expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Ipswich trial and emphasised the continued collection of data over the upcoming months.

“The data gathered thus far underscores the enormous potential of shared micro-mobility in connecting Ipswich residents and visitors while reducing the need for car trips,” Mr Dodd said. 

“We have maintained regular communication with the council to address community concerns and implement changes that benefit both users and residents. We are delighted to see the trial extended for an additional six months and look forward to further collaboration with Ipswich City Council and the Springfield Central community in advancing micro-mobility.”

Residents can share their feedback on the extended trial via Shape Your Ipswich.

Published 2-Jan-2024

Springfield Gears Up for Six-Month E-Scooter Trial

Did you know that a six-month e-scooter trial will be conducted in Springfield Central, Spring Mountain, and Springfield Lakes through leading e-scooter hire company Beam, in collaboration with Ipswich City Council?

Starting 8 July 2023, residents and locals in those areas will have access to Beam’s latest fleet of top-of-the-range, safety-focused e-scooters, riding them around as a convenient and safe transportation alternative, reducing reliance on private cars and public transport and providing data that would be useful in deciding on a longer term use case for them. 

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To ensure safe usage, e-scooters and personal mobility devices will be permitted on footpaths, shared paths, separated paths, bike paths, and local streets with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less and no dividing line. 

E-Scooter Trial
Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

The introduction of e-scooters aligns with Ipswich City Council’s iGO Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy, which was adopted in 2019. This strategy outlines a roadmap for integrating new technologies, such as e-scooters, into the city’s transport networks. 

E-Scooter Trial
Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

Speed limits for e-scooters are set at 12km/h on footpaths, shared paths, and crossings, and 25km/h on permitted local roads, bike paths, and bike lanes, unless otherwise indicated by signage.

Beam was selected for the trial due to its strong safety record and commitment to prioritising pedestrian safety. The company employs geo-locking technology to restrict e-scooters from entering high pedestrian zones and enforces maximum speed limits.

Deputy Chairperson of the Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee and Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully emphasised the importance of the e-scooter trial, stating that it will allow residents to try out shared e-scooters and provide their thoughts and input on how council might integrate e-scooters into the city’s transport network for the long term.

Photo credit: Beam AU/Facebook

The six-month trial period, running until December 2023, will provide ample time for residents to experience the benefits of shared e-scooters and offer valuable feedback to the council. 

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Beam, in preparation for the launch, will also host the Beam Safe Academy event, aimed at educating the community about e-scooter safety and gathering their input. This event will take place at the Robelle Domain car park next to the Orion Lagoon on Saturday, 8 July 2023 starting at 9 a.m, providing curious residents with the opportunity to test ride the scooters.

Published 6-July-2023