Springfield’s Centenary Motorway Exit 32 Reopens

In a major development for the Springfield community, the Centenary Motorway’s Exit 32, a crucial junction that had been closed for extensive roadworks, has reopened after six months.

This reopening, on 11 Dec 2023, marks a significant milestone in Springfield’s infrastructure development, aimed at accommodating the area’s booming population and reducing congestion on one of the region’s key motorways.

Months of Closure to Fast-Track Roadworks

The closure of Exit 32, which began on August 21, was part of a strategic decision to expedite the construction work in the Springfield area. This move was intended to improve safety for workers and save months of roadwork for the community. 

The decision was pivotal in allowing uninterrupted work on the upgrade from a single-lane exit to a four-lane configuration​​​​.

Significant Upgrades for Improved Traffic Flow

“Commuters stuck in daily queues down the Centenary Motorway between Ellen Grove and Yamanto have been telling us for a long time that this section needs to be significantly upgraded to support Springfield’s booming population.” Charis Mullen, State Member for Jordan, said.

Ms Mullen also noted the commitment of $6.5 million by the State Government for this major entry point into Springfield to reduce peak hour congestion and improve safety​​.

Centenary Motorway Exit 32
Photo Credit: Charis Mullen MP/Facebook

Mayor Teresa Harding of Ipswich commented on the larger implications of the project, tying it with the council’s current expansion of Springfield Greenbank Arterial to four lanes.

“The expansion of Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial from two lanes to four lanes is council’s biggest-ever roadwork project, and it is vitally necessary we complete it as quickly as possible,” she said. 

The mayor emphasised that closing Exit 32 saved months in construction time and millions in overall project cost, fast-tracking its reopening​​.

Celebrating the Reopening in Time for the Holidays

The timing of the reopening was especially noteworthy, coming just before the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Mayor Harding expressed her gratitude for the community’s patience during the construction period. She also pointed out the convenience the reopening would bring for holiday shopping and activities in the area, including easier access to Orion Springfield Central, Robelle Domain, and Orion Lagoon​​.

With the completion of these upgrades, residents and commuters in Springfield can look forward to a smoother and safer travel experience. The expanded Exit 32 is expected to significantly reduce congestion on the Centenary Motorway and improve ease of access into Springfield.

Published 12-Dec-2023

Centenary Highway Receives $893K Centre Line Treatment

In hopes of boosting motorist safety on Centenary Highway,  the Department of Transport and Main Roads installed wide centre lines between Yamanto and Springfield Central.

The $893,000 project will lay out an additional separation between vehicles travelling in opposite directions, and also aims to reduce the potential for head-on crashes.

Works included installing wide centre line treatments with audio tactile lines and removing redundant line marking and installing new signs.

Centenary Highway, as one of the major junctions of the Centenary Motorway, serves more than 10,500 motorists per day. The latest RACQ’s Red Spot Congestion Survey named Centenary Motorway as the second most congested roads in Queensland.

In March 2019, a crash between a bus and seven vehicles caused traffic chaos on the highway. There were five reported physical injuries in the incident, with the two patients having sustained neck and back injuries.

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard believes the new treatment will help save lives and reduce the trauma caused by crashes.

Ms Howard said these important works stretched along 15 kilometres, between the Cunningham Highway interchange in Yamanto, and Augusta Parkway Interchange in Springfield Central.

The works are part of the Palaszczuk Government’s $1.92 billion, four-year road safety infrastructure program.

The Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2018-19 to 2021-22 (QTRIP) details the current transport and road infrastructure projects that the Queensland Government plans to deliver over the next four years to meet the needs of the rapidly growing state.