Fire Investigation Underway at Western Spirit Football Club in Camira

An overnight fire has caused significant damage to the Western Spirit Football Club in Camira and authorities are conducting an investigation amidst allegations that this was the second deliberate act at the club’s grounds. 

The Ipswich Police received an emergency call around midnight of 29 Dec 2023, prompting their immediate response to the Western Spirit Football Club. Upon arrival, they declared the area a crime scene, indicating the severity of the situation. Multiple buildings within the club’s facilities have been ravaged by the blaze, resulting in extensive damage.

One community member shared on social media that they had heard “three loud bangs” just before the facilities went “up in flames.” This recent incident closely follows a similar act in February 2023 when a storage container containing essential equipment such as mowers, line markers, goal nets, and balls was deliberately set on fire.

Whilst the specifics of the blaze’s origins are still being determined by fire investigators, initial findings strongly suggest a deliberate act of arson.

A spokesman for the Western Spirit Football Club expressed their dismay over the incident, revealing that the blaze destroyed the club’s changing rooms and toilet facilities. This loss not only disrupts the club’s operations but also affects its members and the broader community that relies on these amenities.

The financial burden of replacing damaged equipment diverts funds that could otherwise be invested in supporting junior players and reducing fees, directly impacting the club’s ability to serve the community.

The Ipswich police, alongside the football club and the community, are eager to uncover the truth behind these deliberate acts and ensure the safety and vitality of the Western Spirit Football Club for generations to come.

Published 2-Jan-2024

Trees for Mum Eco Event Returns at Camira’s Jim Seymour Park

Ipswich residents are getting ready to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty for the annual Trees for Mum event this Mother’s Day. 

Taking place on Sunday, 14 May 2023, at the Jim Seymour Park in Camira, the Trees for Mum event is expected to draw over 200 people who are eager to improve their surroundings whilst celebrating Mother’s Day.

This vital activity is part of the Ipswich City Council’s strategic Habitat Connection rehabilitation program, which aims to restore waterways throughout the region through the planting of native species. The program also seeks to encourage wildlife to thrive by providing suitable habitats.

Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully said that the event is a great opportunity to support the platypus population at Jim Seymour Park. The Sandy Creek catchment area in the park provides important platypus habitat, making it a perfect site for the event. Participants will be helping to improve the platypus habitat by planting native plants, which will also benefit other native wildlife that uses waterway corridors.

This comes following a concerning report from the Ipswich City Council’s Environment and Sustainability Committee that the animals haven’t returned to the waterways since the flooding in February 2022. 

“Platypus monitoring was conducted in June last year, only a few months after the floods, at 22 known platypus sites across Ipswich,” Councillor Russell Milligan said

“This monitoring sadly recorded just one tentative positive eDNA sign in Wacol.

“Officers repeated the eDNA monitoring at all of these 22 sites in December 2022, with similar results confirming platypus still have not yet returned to Ipswich’s rivers, creeks and waterways.”

Meanwhile, Division 2 Councillor Nicole Jonic said that Trees for Mum is an excellent way to spend quality time with family whilst contributing to local sustainability. She encourages everyone to get involved and make the most of the day by having a picnic and celebrating Mother’s Day in the beautiful city of Ipswich.

Participants will receive a complimentary gift and treat to enjoy at the planting. The plant species are chosen to suit local climate and soil conditions and are propagated and grown in the Council’s nursery.

Published 12-May-2023