New Brisbane Lions Sportsground Becomes A Step Closer To Reality

Good news! The future seems to becoming brighter for the Brisbane Lions as plans for their new sportsground in Springfield is finally coming to fruition.

Following the Brisbane Lions’ move to Springfield Central, a promised $30 million in funds from state and federal government have been scheduled.

Half of the budget has already been set aside in the State Budget. This secures $15 million making a new sports ground closer to reality.

In May when the Federal Government wrote to the AFL club pledging their support for the project, indicating that it would match $15 million in funding from the State Government, setting the total funding at the present $30 million.

In light of this, ground clearing has already commenced with an expectation that the money will be coming in. The Brisbane Lions expects that the funds will be coming in from the Federal Government this August.

For now, the club is using its own $40 million of funds from its own kitty to get things started. In fact, they have started designing the proposed Arena sports ground in January of this year.

This upcoming project will not just provide athletes a better facility to train. It will also create long-term jobs and help boost sports at the grassroots level.