Bloodbikes Australia Volunteer Crusade: Springfield Lakes Local Heads Lifesaving Deliveries

A medical logistics revolution is underway in the country, thanks to the efforts of volunteer bikers from Bloodbikes Australia, an organisation founded by a Springfield Lakes resident.

Bloodbikes Australia provides urgent medical supplies and blood products, bypassing conventional delivery constraints and bridging the gap in our healthcare system.

Peter Davis, a local from Springfield Lakes, founded Bloodbikes Australia in 2019. Similar movements inspired him in the UK, Ireland, Hungary, and Ukraine. 

Photo Credit: BloodbikesAustralia/Facebook

A Lifeline on Two Wheels

With the help of hundreds of volunteers across the country, Bloodbikes Australia has made over 7,000 last-resort deliveries to healthcare providers, demonstrating the power of community and volunteerism.

The service operates by integrating technology and goodwill seamlessly. Volunteers receive delivery requests directly on their smartphones through a system developed by a fellow volunteer. This ensures swift and efficient response times, allowing riders to promptly deliver medical supplies to hospitals and patients’ homes.

Photo Credit: BloodbikesAustralia/Facebook

One recipient with lung disease praised Bloodbikes Australia for significantly impacting his medical journey, underscoring the profound difference the organisation makes in the lives of those it serves.

The First Milestone Delivery

The story of Bloodbikes Australia’s first delivery is a tale of determination, innovation, and the resilience of the human spirit. Under the leadership of Mr. Davis, Bloodbikes Australia carefully planned and coordinated its inaugural mission. This pivotal moment set the tone for the organisation’s future.

Critical pathology samples, medicines, and medical equipment were transported for Mater Pathology in Brisbane. The objective of this operation was not solely to deliver these items, but to demonstrate the efficiency, effectiveness, and potential of motorcycle-based medical logistics. The triumph of this first delivery provided opportunities for further collaboration, including a significant partnership with Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics. 

Bloodbikes Australia volunteers were responsible for transporting crucial research materials to find cures for debilitating diseases such as melanoma, cervical cancer, and the Ross River virus.

Joining the Ranks of Bloodbikes Australia: A Guide for Aspiring Volunteers

The organisation’s impact on healthcare logistics and patient care has been profound, largely thanks to its dedicated volunteers. If you’re inspired by the stories of life-saving deliveries and community service and have a passion for motorcycling, joining Bloodbikes Australia as a volunteer could be a fulfilling opportunity. Here’s how you can become part of this incredible team:

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

Before you can join the ranks of Bloodbikes Australia, there are several requirements you must meet to ensure safety and reliability:

  • Motorcycle License: You must have a valid motorcycle license with at least three years of riding experience. This ensures that all volunteers are skilled riders, capable of navigating various road conditions safely.
  • Motorcycle and Gear: Your motorcycle should be reliable, well-maintained, and fully registered. Additionally, you’ll need a secure method of transporting medical supplies, such as a hard-sided pannier or a top box. Safety gear is also a must, including a helmet, gloves, and appropriate riding attire.
  • Insurance: Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is required to protect yourself and the precious cargo you’ll be transporting.
Bloodbikes Australia
Photo Credit: BloodbikesAustralia/Facebook

Step 2: Complete a Blood Transportation Course

Bloodbikes Australia requires all volunteers to complete an online course in blood transportation. This course covers the handling and transporting blood and other medical supplies, ensuring all volunteers understand the protocols and procedures to maintain safety and integrity during deliveries.

Step 3: Participate in an Induction Run

Once you’ve met the initial requirements and completed the necessary training, you’ll be invited to join an experienced volunteer on an induction run. This is more than just a training exercise; it’s an opportunity for new volunteers to familiarise themselves with the process, ask questions, and understand the expectations and responsibilities of being a Bloodbikes volunteer.

Bloodbikes Australia
Photo Credit: BloodbikesAustralia/Facebook

Step 4: Join the Community

After completing your induction run, you’ll officially join Bloodbikes Australia. You’ll gain access to the volunteer network and the real-time cloud-based system that alerts volunteers to delivery requests. This system allows healthcare providers to see which volunteers are available anytime, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries.

Bloodbikes Australia
Photo Credit: BloodbikesAustralia/Facebook

To begin your journey with Bloodbikes Australia, visit their website at for more information and to fill out a volunteer application.

Alternatively, you can contact the organisation directly through the Bloodbikes Australia Facebook page or by emailing Mr Davis at

Published 26-February 2024