Australian Made Week Celebrates Local Legends to Promote Aussie-Made Products

Waves of promotion kick off for Australia Made Week, which is aimed at encouraging Australians to support local makers and growers by purchasing Australian-made products.

As part of Australian Made Week, Brookwater local and tennis star Ash Barty is calling on all Australians to join in and support local producers by buying genuine Aussie products.

Ms Barty, who is a strong advocate for buying local, says that every purchase makes a difference for local businesses and encourages people to spread the word on social media using the hashtag #AustralianMadeWeek.

Ash Barty
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According to Roy Morgan research, every household in Australia could contribute an extra $4.8 billion to the economy each year and up to 9,500 new jobs if they spent just an extra $10 a week on products made in Australia. Ben Lazzaro, CEO of Australian created, is asking Australians to make a weekly commitment to purchasing at least one additional item that is created or farmed domestically.

The Australian Made logo, featuring a trusted green-and-gold kangaroo, is recognised by a staggering 99% of Australians, making it one of the most trusted certification brands in the country.

Australian Made
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A whopping 93% of Australians are confident that products displaying the Australian Made logo are made or grown in Australia.

The week-long event, which runs from May 15 to May 21, is being promoted through various channels, including TV, radio, print, and online advertisements. With 86% of Australians considering it important to buy Australian-made products, the event aims to celebrate local makers and growers while boosting the country’s economy.

Published 15-May-2023